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Shoreline High School Alumni Organization

Who we are

The Shoreline High School Alumni Organization is a volunteer-run group, supported by the Shoreline School District, that preserves memorabilia and coordinates information for former Shoreline High School students. The organization encompasses all Shoreline High School Alumni, from the first graduating class of 1958 to the final graduating class of 1986.

The SHS Alumni Organization facilitates communication with alumni, assists with alumni information requests, and coordinates memorabilia needs for alumni events. Jan Robertson was the first informal SHS Alumni Organization coordinator; currently, Roberta Hawkins and her husband, Tom, coordinate the group’s work.

The SHS Alumni Organization supports the efforts and actions of former class officers and other class members. These alumni organize and help their respective classes hold reunions, or other events and activities.

What we do

Since the SHS Alumni Organization was informally created in 1986, any classes conducting 5- or 10-year reunions, or other alumni events, have contacted the coordinators for assistance.

The coordinators meet with the alumni to facilitate the loan of SHS memorabilia to display at reunions or events. Having trophies, banners, vintage sports uniforms and more is a way the SHS Alumni Organization can help alumni revisit the memories of their high school experiences. On average, alumni have hosted two to three events each year for the past 30-plus years. SHS memorabilia has been used, seen and enjoyed regularly thanks to the efforts of the coordinators.

In 2016, the Alumni Organization participated in the Shoreline School District’s 30-year Anniversary celebration marking the closing of Shoreline High School. Working with Curtis Campbell, the district’s Communications Director, the Organization put up a wonderful display of memorabilia in the former Alumni Room. Football films were shown in a room down the hall. Alumni were able to look, roam the halls and enjoy each others’ company. As the celebration in the building wound down, the Rotary Cup game took place at the Shoreline Stadium. SHS alums who attended the game were able to sing along to a rousing rendition of the old Shoreline Alma Mater. It was a true celebration of all Alumni.

How we got started

The SHS Alumni Organization was first organized at the closing of Shoreline High School in June of 1986. Jan Robertson worked with students and with the PTA organization to develop an initial list of contacts for each class. Contacts typically included elected ASB members and other former class officers.

Where to find us

The Shoreline School District generously supports the SHS Alumni Organization  by providing space at the district offices to store memorabilia. Thanks to the initial work of Jan Robertson, the District recognized the need to have a place for Shoreline Alumni to call home and to store rescued Shoreline memorabilia that had been collected in the final days by a team of volunteers organized by Jan.

The SHS Alumni Organization found its first home in the 100s Wing, just behind the large display case which was used then and is used now to display many of the items that represent the successes and life of Shoreline High School. In the room was another display case on the east wall that contains many SHS trophies from over the years.

Recently, the Shoreline District requested that the SHS Alumni Organization move to a new location, due to a lease of all rooms in the 100s wing. That meant all the Shoreline Memorabilia, all the folders with past information, all the annuals and the athletic uniforms and football films could no longer remain in the two storage areas in that room.

Jan and Roberta negotiated with the district to find a suitable new location. Continuing their support of the organization, the district found a new, larger space where the SHS Alumni Organization memorabilia could be stored in one room. It is located just up the main hall, across from the Superintendent’s complex of offices. District staff helped box all the items to be moved, moved them to the new space and helped make a few adjustments to the existing shelving. After a good deal of sorting, folding and reorganizing by the coordinators and volunteers, the NEW and IMPROVED Shoreline High School Alumni Organization room is ready for visits and viewing!

Get in touch

For information about memorabilia viewing or reserving memorabilia for alumni events, please send us an email. Please include your name, phone number, email and year of graduation.